Eliminate The Stress Of Moving Week

Moving is a task that usually brings a lot of stress and anxiety. 47% of those who have recently moved report that the experience brought on increased levels of both. If a relocation is in your near future, there are things you can do to ensure that the stress remains at a minimum.

First things first, equip yourself and other movers with a checklist. From the transfer of utilities to the hiring of movers, tasks add up quickly when you’re not paying attention. The checklist will help you to organize your tasks based on urgency. Most moving companies can even provide you with a moving outline if it is your first time.

Another piece of advice is to take inventory of each room’s specific belongings as you pack. Discard or donate any unwanted items to create space and mitigate clutter. It’s also recommended to pack any delicate items such as glass in a safe location so they do not break in transit.

If you want to read more on how to make the most of your upcoming move, please see the provided resource brought to you by Best of Utah Moving.

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Orlando Loyal
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